09 January 2010

Hoping for the best

Sorry, posting is going to be light the next couple of weeks (in case you haven't noticed). I'm moving to Florida in about 9 days, and so I've been trying to get three weeks worth of schoolwork done in two. See, I'm taking online classes so that I can stay in school while I'm at Disney; but instead of semesters, this school has 5-week terms, and wouldn't you know, the 5th week - the one with all the projects and final exams and papers - of the current term is the week I'm moving. Ha HA! The timing! It's fantastic! And I know I'm going to be busy unpacking, going to different lectures, starting my training, etc. in during that week at Disney, and I don't want the burden of finals on top of me during all that.

Ohhhh, but I'm starting to get nervous. And I don't have time to be nervous (did I mention that on top of all my school work, I have family coming in, I've got some baking to do, I need a haircut, I have a dentist appointment, I'm babysitting, I've got to pack (pack for 7 months!), and at some point I'm gonna have to pee...). In fact, if I had the money to spare, I'd take out a want ad in the newspaper and hire someone to be nervous for me (probably just on a part-time basis. I can't afford health benefits). But alas, I do not have the resources, so here I am being, well, me and freaking out over all the changes to come, which kind of sounds like something vaguely menopausal when I word it like that, but whatever. I just don't do change. Keep in mind that this is something I want to do and am excited about (see?! YAY! EXCITED!), but since when have I ever missed out on an opportunity to absolutely lose my mind with worry? NEVER! My default setting in life is Worried, and I'm not about to deny my very essence its ability to shine! So, like a good little psycho, I'm focusing on all the things that could possibly go wrong. Like will I get along with my new roommates? Will I like my new job? I don't know what my specific job is yet - I hope that my previous work experience at Disney bodes well for me - and I am literally making myself sick worrying about it. Seriously, I can feel it in my gut like my fear has manifested itself into little neurotic fetus that keeps kicking me in the ribs. I call him Henner.

Part of this worry is because my last DCP (Disney College Program)...well, it got off to a rough start. It took some effort and a lot of tear-filled phone calls, but in the end it turned into the best experience of my life. Happy endings all around. Hurrah. But you know how it is - once bitten, twice shy kinda thing. So here I am, scared as a cat (and that simile isn't really doing it for me, but I can't think of anything else that's known for being scared. Except me. Scared as a Natalie. Can I be my own simile? Is that possible?), and if I could be so bold as to request your prayers that God grants me the ability to quell my anxiety over the next weekish because it honestly might kill me. I'd really appreciate it (your prayers, not the dying from my imaginary tim'rous fetus).

And if any DCP recruiters just happen to be reading this, you might find it interesting that I have some rather impressive skills with this attraction simulation.

I'm just saying.

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