01 December 2009

That handy dandy search box

I don't know if any of you were dying to have it, but a while back I put up a search box over in the sidebar. It always drives me crazy when I have no way of searching for a particular post or topic in someone's blog, and I didn't want that craziness to extend to you nor be my fault for being a hypocritical search-boxless blogger. So...you're welcome.

There are some other nifty little gadgets that go along with that box that are probably more interesting to me than you, but well, let me share with you the entertaining fruit of my discovery today.

Turns out that thanks to that box, I can view both 1) the things people search for through said box and 2) the Google searches which led people to this here blog. Here's a sample of what word combinations lead curious internet wanders to my little corner of the e-world:

1. "how do i pull hair out of my eye"

2. "long single strand of hair on skin"

3. "long hair guys that need to get a clue"

4. "boobs"

(One of these things in not like the other)

Obviously, the first three all led to the same post where I talked about the perils of what I coined the dreaded "Hair-Eye Infliction," and I feel sort of bad for the two people whose searches had nothing to do with that (except a long hair on your skin? really? you can't think of blowing it off without the aid of Google?). But you know who I feel REALLY bad for? The poor people (yes, PEOPLE! Because there were four! FOUR!) who used Google to search my blog specifically for boobs. I can only imagine their disappointment given that this is the post they were led to, which is pretty much the most unsexy, non-tantalizing post on boobs in the entire universe.

This one is probably #2.

My boob itches.

Okay, NOW it's #1.

(P.S. I apologize for my older posts being so much better than this drivel I type out today. Eh, who am I kidding, it was probably all crap back then too. I don't really know, I can't read anything I've written without having convulsions over the horribleness of it all. Anyway, also remember that any older post that starts with "Imported" was originally written somewhere else, so sorry for all the broken links.)

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  1. Thank goodness I found this post: I've been searching for "itchy boobs" all day!