21 October 2009

As soon as I come up with a title, I'm having ice cream. Ha! Done.

Oh, how dully this year is winding down. I had plans on going to both Hersheypark and Dollywood in October and November respectively, and now they've both fallen through. My mom and I have done Hersheypark in the Dark in the past twice, but we haven't been in two years. She enjoys it as much as I do even though she's not an enthusiast and she can't go on anything that goes in circles or upside down without making me feel horribly guilty for dragging her along getting deathly ill. But she loves the wooden coasters, she loves the town, and she even commented back when I was dating a fellow coaster enthusiast that she was worried that we'd never go together ever, ever again and oh how sad that made her. So here I am swinging single, in need of a theme park partner, and totally read to go to Hershey this minute, and lo! so was my mother! Kindred spirits, we are. But then her friend from Florida and her husband invited her to go to Savannah, GA with them, and that's what she chose to do instead. Which I understand, because, you know, it's not like I'M MOVING TO ANOTHER STATE IN THREE MONTHS or anything (and might never return! Ever! Maybe! Who knows!) And it's certainly not like I'm moving to the same state that her friend lives in and my mom would stay with HER if she ever came down to visit me. No, it's not like that at all. Annnnnnd...end sarcasm. Okay, I don't mean to sound all selfish, but really now - just build me up to knock me down, mother. Rip that Hersheyhope out of my cold, lonely hands.

And then I was going to go to Dollywood, because 1) I won two tickets, 2) I had scheduled a Character Audition for my Disney College Program in Nashville, 3) and my grandparents are only an hour away from the park. That gave me two reasons to make the trip, and I'd have free lodging. Fantastic. But then this thing with my camera came up, and no matter how much I tell myself what a good deal it would be to upgrade to the far nicer refurbished camera (because it would - MAN, it would), I simply can't afford it. Curse me and my responsible nature! Plus, I'm this close to paying off my credit card which I want so badly to cut up and never use again SO HELP ME, so with all these things I need to pay for, I've decided to cancel my audition and sell my Dollywood tickets (already did, actually), and save the small fortune it would cost in gas money to drive all that way. Bah. But at least I'll still be at Disney in 3 months. Else, this would be a really depressing off-season.

Also, I think I'm developing Restless Leg Syndrome, because for at least the past month (maybe two), my legs have started DRIVING ME CRAZY whenever I'm trying to fall asleep at night. And actually, they're driving me crazy right this minute as I'm sitting here typing this and not moving. They don't ache, they don't itch, they don't burn, but right in the calf and in the lower knee, deep inside the muscle, it's like there's this....intense gnawing, this insane desire to just move. You know when you played Simon Says as a kid and the command was "Simon Says freeze?" So you froze, but after about 30 seconds you began to realize that the person who was acting as Simon was nothing more than some cranky prawn who apparently hated kids and only roped them into playing this game so he could use the freeze command and have some daggum peace and quiet for those blessed few seconds, and now your desire to win and your desire to move are at war with each other all while being at war with Mr. Simon's experiment to see how long he can keep the kids silently frozen before they all give up and start running around the room and screaming and driving him crazy again? Well, my legs feel like they're those poor, poor children, and my inability to be in constant motion 24/7 is that ever so cruel Mr. Simon. They just want to moooooooove!

Is there an award for World's Longest Simile, because I'm pretty sure I just won it.

P.S. I don't think I like one button suits.


  1. What happened to your camera? Did it decide just to up and die?

  2. I got an error code every time I tried to take a picture. Judging by the sound of it, I think the shutter failed.