31 October 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 3)

Obviously, I'm a day late, but yesterday was exhausting, what with the waking up at 3:30AM and not falling back asleep after 3 hours of lying there trying. So I got up, finished my costume, finished my school work, watched my cousins, and did a whole bunch of other mindless daily routine things that make me want to shoot myself in the head when reading about them in other people's blogs. Ugh. So boring.


And speaking of my Halloween costume - success! I loved it! I'm going to wear it every day! It's my future wedding dress! But to be fair, I should tell you that I did not come up with the idea myself. No, sadly, I am not that creative. But I knew someone who was: the Internet. And that's where the idea for outfit spawned from, though again - I made it myself. I cannot stress that enough to equal the amount of effort the whole thing took. But it was incredibly fun (you know...for sewing), and the result was even better than I could've ever hoped for considering the fact that I've never sewn anything more than a bandanna (which was only the once), and CERTAINLY never an entire outfit or with an actual sewing machine.


Also, I don't have 7 things this week, so I'm going to cheat by dividing my costume-talk up. And using this interruption as one of the 7. Like this.

Here's a look at the freshly sewn skirt, pre-balls (which I'm gonna call "spheres" from now on, for obvious reasons):

I don't know what I'm doing with my feet on the right that makes them look like I have them on the wrong legs. Also, don't mind my face on the left - that's just what I look like after being up for 9 hours without showering and it's STILL only 12:30 in the afternoon. But whatever, I'm still hot.

The skirt hung slightly crooked, but you really can't tell. Not without the spheres, anyway (they make it a bit more obvious, but...meh). I thought it was pretty dang good, considering. Plus, it actually was rather pretty, and I was a bit sad that I had to cover its beauty with 24 gold half-spheres.

But the awesomeness that was my costume got me over that real fast.

I meant to take a separate picture of the sash thing I'm wearing (not at the studio - that'd be weird - just at home), because that was THE HARDEST PART of the whole thing and deserves it's own photo, but I forgot (whoops. maybe later). Took me ages to get it just right. And in addition to the slight crookedness of the skirt, the sash wasn't exactly perfect either. It turned out perfectly - it was just like I planned - but see...while I was planning it and making it, I kinda forgot all about my womanhood for a second, and the fact that I am a feminine being entirely made up of rather noticeable curves. My middle name might as well be Lombard Street. So when I went to tie the thing in the back, the sides didn't exactly line up (by the time I got to the bottom tie, the sides were a good 4 inches away. I'm looking at you, hips), and it didn't exactly have the most form-fitting shape. Then again, do you have any idea how complicated it would have been to sew it to fit the contours of my body? No, neither do I! And I wouldn't have wanted to find out even if I considered my non-straight-as-a-board body to begin with, because the equilateral shape was hard enough as it was. So it's not like it would have turned out differently if I had given it some thought. In the end, I just used some safety pins to hold it more or less in place to prevent it from bunching, and it worked just as well. I guess.

So, you know...ta daaaa!


Oh, so you probably want to know what I was, right? Well, Mr. "Anonymous" guessed correctly in the comments of my last blog, so good job there. But for everyone else who is still lost as ever, here you go. I was...a Dalek:

See the resemblance? Yes? No? Kinda? Well, whatever, I don't care. STILL love my costume, so hmph. It's from "Doctor Who," which is the latest in a long, long line of movies/TV shows (I refuse, on principle, to call them - uuuggghhh - "fandoms." Gross. I shudder. That's so...ugh, Comic-Con) that I obsess over for a few months at a time. Honestly, you can just as easily measure my life in titles as you could years. Last year, it was "Pushing Daisies," which subsequently led me into an intense pie making phase. In college, there was "The 4400," where I bought a jacket exactly like one of the main characters, because, man, I wanted to be her. And I asked my doctor if he could check for Promicin while doing my blood work. There was also "The 10th Kingdom" phase in Jr. High when I tried to buy quicksilver (turns out it's just mercury, but what a sad day that was when I found that out). And don't even get me STARTED on "Harry Potter," and how every single summer, I PRAYED for an owl to deliver me a letter saying that I had been accepted to some local magic school, and how I figured that American magic schools just have a different starting age than Hogwarts, which is why I didn't get a letter when I was 11. I also spent $45 on a hand-carved magic wand. You know, for me to cast all the totally real spells in the books. Anyway, I tell you all that to say this: I'm a geek, and I always have been. And when I get into something, I really get into something. I come from two very long lines full of addictive personalities, and I'm just thankful that my obsession is sci-fi/fantasy and not alcohol, gambling or little kids. It's slightly less creepy that way. Slightly.

And thus explains my costume.

And of course, no one at work had ANY idea who I was, which I was kind of expecting, and while I couldn't have cared less, there was still part of me that hoped just one person would know what I was, because, you know - insta!friend. But whatever. A lady from the shop across the way walked over just to ask me what I was though, because she and her workmates were trying to figure it out, and they had narrowed it down to either a rock wall or a marquee. Yes, miss, my Halloween costume is a marquee. (And ten minutes later after typing that sentence, I'm STILL trying to figure out a witty way to end that comeback, but alas, I'm still exhausted from two nights ago and I am drawing a bl____k, so I'm just gonna have to leave the sarcastic setup unfinished and move along, dull and defeated.)


I'm going to bed. Happy Halloween!


UPDATE: After viewing the blog, I saw the pictures got cut off due to the narrow body layout (DUMB), hence the reason for the new (wider) template. One of these days, I'm gonna get around to making a my own layout.


  1. "And of course, no one at work had ANY idea who I was, which I was kind of expecting, and while I couldn't have cared less, there was still part of me that hoped just one person would know what I was, because, you know - insta!friend."

    Not for anything, but there was ONE person who knew what you were. (Great costume, by the way)

  2. Wait, really? Who? You saw that I said people at work, right? (And thanks!)