14 November 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 5)


I started typing this blog last night (you know, on FRIDAY, like I am supposed to do), but my very first topic ended up being far too long for a "quick take," which is why I decided to just finish writing it, save it for a future post, and try this post again tomorrow this morning.


You have NO IDEA how excited I am to be able to give my dog a bath Monday. Oh, I've been counting down the days since she came home from the vet's. She smells like death. Actually she smells like an anthropomorphic Death whose vagina recently fell out. And her hair is all sticky from where I've dropped ice cream on her. Twice. Okay, three times. Don't judge me. She looks like one of the dogs from those awful, awful, awful Sarah McClaucghkauchlaghcklin (that's how you spell it, right?) commercials. Skittles walks into a room, and suddenly "Arms of the Angels" starts playing in my head. It's incredibly pathetic.


I don't usually tell many people this, mostly because I don't want Dateline tracking me down to interview me and give me all sorts of fame and glory - blegh, who wants THAT - but I'm kind of psychic (emphasis on the "kind of.") It's a very specific and narrow field of psychic vision that I have, which is that I am often blessed with the foresight of what episode of a television show is going to come on. Oooo, eerie, yes, but don't freak out. I swear, I'm harmless. Now, it's not something I can do on command. You can't just ask me to predict an episode and expect me to do it (so a fat lot of good it'll do me at parties, psh). No, what happens is that out of the absolute blue, a random episode of some random TV show just pops into my head. There's no prompting involved, nothing around me ever reminds me of said TV show which then leads me to think of a particular episode. It's just like someone places the thought into my brain without even asking me (the NERVE), and within 24 hours, that episode will be on TV. I know, what a gift, right?! Totally going places with this one. I was merely a young lass of 4 when this first happened to me - I, er...um, "saw" a certain episode of "Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show" and wouldn' t you know, a few hours later there it was. Ta da! And it's been happening sporadically ever since. Doesn't even matter if the TV show is canceled, if it pops into my head, it'll be on. Guaranteed.



I don't have a number 4.


I leave for Disney in 66 days, and my goodness, the anticipation is going to be the end of me. Also, the end of my clean underwear.

During my first College Program (from now on - DCP), well, let's just say it didn't start out so great. I was initially put in the Magic Kingdom toll booth, and it was even more horrible than it sounds. First of all the toll booths are TWO MILES away from the actual park it self (a mile from the Ticket and Transportation Center and then a mile-ride on the monorail from there to the park). So I was working at Disney without actually being anywhere near Disney. Then, there was only one other CP (College Program-er) who really did not like me at all, and all the other people we worked with were old, retired men (not a single one of them was under the age of 60). Of course, I just stood by myself in a booth all day, and even our breaks were taken alone (and in a booth-sized room actually, which included the bathroom so the whole thing smelled like old man PISS), so it's not like I talked to any of them that much anyway. And then there was the exhaust fumes - my throat was on fire by the end of every shift. I fought tooth and nail to be transferred ANYWHERE, I genuinely didn't care where. I said I'd be a custodial worker just so long as I could be in the park. Eventually I did get transferred - to Splash Mountain no less, and I couldn't believe I was given such a fantastic position considering the fact that I said I'd take ANYTHING. Plus, out of 6000 CPs, over 100 requested to be transferred, and I was only one of THREE to be granted her request, so you better believe I praise God for my fortune every time I think about it, because the transfer literally made my DCP. It was the best thing that ever happened to me, because the remainder of my DCP was the most wonderful time of my life, and that would not have happened had I been stuck in the toll booth all those months.

So, you can imagine that I'm a bit nervous going back since we don't find our specific assignments until we get down there. I know I'm in Attractions, but that's it. At first, I was terrified that I might, again, be given a role that I don't like, and given the number of people who pulled strings for me to be transfered last time, it's not something I would attempt to do a second time. I wouldn't want to seem ungrateful for the opportunity, either. But then I thought about it some more and realized that there really are very few attractions I think I might not enjoy, but no matter what, I'd at least be in the parks. I'd be at Disney World. That was all I wanted when I wanted a transfer last time, and really, even if I were working, oh say, the Tea Cups, my "office" would be Fantasyland and think of how awesome my view of the fireworks would be every night. Granted, I really don't want to work anywhere in Fantasyland, I'd much rather be on Tower of Terror or Test Track or back on Splash Mountain, or even something smaller like The Living Seas with Nemo or Star Tours would be fine; but you know what? No matter what I get, it won't be the toll booth. That's the important thing. And even if I DO hate my job down there, I hate my job NOW, but at least then I'll be hating my job at Disney World where I can spend all my free time.

Doesn't stop me from praying about it every night (along with world peace and orphans and blah blah blah), but, well, I think I'll be okay. And I'm incredibly excited.


Anyone have any idea what happens to mail that you forget to put the apartment # on? It's been a week and a half and I've not gotten it Return-to-Sender'd, so I assume it either arrived or it's lost in the snail-mail-o-sphere somewhere.


Struggling to think of a 7th thing here, so I'm just going to link to my still-in-progress West Coast trip photo trip report over at Theme Park Review. I've only got the first 6 1/2 days so far (day 7 is half posted), but I'm trying to update it once a week till it's finished. So if you're a fan of roller coasters, theme parks, and my horrible writing, then you might find it entertaining.

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