09 November 2009

Maybe it will fall out while I'm wearing this skirt! How ironic would that be?

First, some warning. The skirt you are about to see is NOT as obnoxiously shiny and blue in real life as it appears in the photo. Thank you, crappy built-in flash.

Having said that:

Well, there it is. I like it, I think it's adorable. And I only broke TWO needles making it! Actually, I broke the very LAST two my mom had, which meant that I had to finish the zipper by hand. But turns out there's a special "foot" (some sewing term that might as well be "frunklezeitcherwich" because I have no idea what it means) just FOR sewing on zippers which 1) who knew? 2) would have been nice if I knew that to begin with because 3) it would have probably prevented the breakage of needle #2. Live and learn, folks. Live and learn.

It's not perfect, but I think I could wear it in public and not get laughed at, and that's always a refreshing change. I didn't use a pattern or anything (nor did I with my Halloween costume). I just sort of laid out a skirt I already had, pinned the fabric on it, cut along the pins, and prayed. That kind of thing would probably get frowned upon on Project Runway*, though, so let's just keep that between you and me. But, come on now, check out those belt loops. Be a little impressed here. I am.

*I actually had to look up the show to make sure it was in fact fashion-related and not some, oh I don't know, airport renovation show or something. It's sad how out of the loop I am.


One quick thing - given my dog's recent, um, illness, as well as the fact that this is a condition I have never heard before last week, I found it mildly disturbing that one of the blogs I read on a daily basis had a post today that linked to this.

So naturally I'm taking it as a sign from the universe warning me of the day when I wake up to find that my Very Special Place is no longer where it should be. And you better believe that day will be blogged about.

(Hahahahaha NO. No it won't.)

(Eh, maybe. We'll see.)


  1. thanks... while reading that link, I think I threw up a little. lol. either way, entertaining blog you've got here!

    ps. that skirt is awesome. :)