24 June 2009

[Imported] (I can’t help it, they’re like a hug for my words)


That right there deserves to be it's own entry, but since I'm trying to be a bit more environmentally-friendly, I'll do my part and not waste this update with merely one sentence so that I can save a few e-trees out there.

Ha, ha, ha, I chuckle. You thought we conservatives didn't care about the earth, did you? Well, pish posh! PROVED YOU WRONG.

Speaking of politics (no! it's not what you think, I swear!), I'll admit that I was less-than happy with the outcome of the election - though not entirely surprised - but I'm not going to go into it much more than that. I've done pretty good so far in keeping politics out of my blogs (my tweets, however? not so much) ("my tweets..." Huh, does that sound dirty to anyone else? ), and that's something I don't plan on changing any time soon EVER (learned that lesson the hard way in high school. NEVER. AGAIN.) So, all I will say on the matter here is that, in the spirit of fairness and maturity, I promise to show the exact same level of respect, courtesy, and understanding to our soon-to-be President that the other side has been showing our current President for the last eight years. The end.

Anyway! Here's some fun news (haha, "fun." I'll tell you what's REALLY fun - denial!): I went to an info session about transferring into the graphic design program here at NC State, and found out that out of the 500+ applicants (including all on-/off- campus transfers AND incoming freshman) only 28 (read: TWENTY EIGHT OMGSUXORZ!!!!!) are admitted into the program. Also, since students are only allowed to take one studio class per semester (and there are eight total), it is impossible to get one's degree in less than four years. And in case you're a product of public school (like me) and can't do that kind of math in your head, don't worry, I've calculated it for you - that puts me graduating in 2013, a full NINE YEARS after I graduated high school (by which time my eggs will be old and shriveled up and I'll never have kids and then the world will end and we'll ALL DIE!!!! AGHHHOVERREACTING!!!). But that's assuming I even get in THIS time around. They only accept students for fall semesters, so if I don't get in now but get in for the fall of 2010, it will then take me AN ENTIRE DECADE TO GET A BATCH-EL-LORS DEGREE.

(I know that's not the right spelling, I'm just emphasizing the pronunciation to drive the point home, here).

So, heavy sigh, I'm just trying to not think about it for now, because when I do, I feel my brain go all mushy, I stop blinking for long periods of time, and I can't utter a single sound except, "muh muh muh muh." Instead, I'm just going to focus on how I'm GOING TO DISNEY WORLD FOR THANKSGIVING, YAYZ!!!

Ahhh, how it soothes me.

(One last thing - after proof-reading this entry and getting a headache from a ridiculous amount of parentheses (even for me!) (Aghhh! I can't control it!), I think that there is a correlation to be found there: the more frantic I am, the more of these - ( ) - bad boys you'll see here. (Like these.) (Or these.) (Or even these). (Haha, I don't know what I'm doing anymore.)

(Pssst...also, I'm really giggly right now. Frantic and giggly is apparently a very interesting combination for me).

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