24 June 2009

[Imported] Totally a cop-out. Sue me.

Sure, most people post these as bulletins, but I need a blog post and you need more random trivia info about me. Why? Because I said so*.

*Why I'm going to be an awesome parent one day.


Do you respect yourself?:
Eh, only when I'm worth respecting.

Have you ever been to a book signing?:
Once. Brian Jacques.

Are you home alone right now?:
Nope, my mom and her friend are here.

On a scale 1-10, how happy are you right now?
I'm -.

Do you party a lot?
I don't at all now, but if anyone ever asked me I'd totally go.

When do you want to get married?:
When I'm ready. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

Do you have any new voicemails?:
I get a voicemail about twice a week, and I'd be worried about myself if I didn't have my stuff together enough to keep on top of that.

Are you all about the latest technology?:
Only what I can afford

Would you ever go to the Arctic?:
If I were going to force myself to suffer through the panic of getting on an airplane, I wouldn't waste my terror on a trip to a block of ice.

Do you like Skittles?:
My dog? Yes, I LOVE SKITTLES. Oh, you mean the candy. Hmmm...I love my dog more.

Would you ever pay $300 for them?:
Are we still talking about a bag of candy or was there another question preceding this one that somehow got deleted in the meme telephone game? If we're talking about the former option then Yes, I would pay $300 for a bag of Skittles. So long as it came with a free video Ipod. Or a free $299.50 gift certificate.

When was the last time you bought new furniture?:
I bought half a night-stand/cabinet. I couldn't afford it on my own, so my mom split it with me. I have no definite use for it right now, and it doesn't even match my current room decor, but it's one of those pieces that is just absolutely gorgeous, so it will go in my hypothetical future homeofmyown and then be passed on to all my hypothetical future generations. Man, I thought that sentence was never going to end.

Do you like sleeping with a lot of pillows?
I sleep with one. I don't need the fluff.

Are surveys starting to get boring?:
Yeah, but I'm tired and I need a blog, so I'm settling. Drastic times, desperate measures...

Do you think there aren't enough 'survey making' sites?:
Oh goll, the internet is a ridiculously over-grown hedge in dire need of trimming and pruning of all the pointless/redundant websites. Yeah...there's a metaphor in there somewhere. Find it.

Do you have a friend named "Collie"?:
You're mom's a collie.

Have you ever seen The Incredibles?
No, but I really should. My Disney ties demand it of me.

(Update: I've since seen it, and I LOVE it)

What's your favorite number?:

Have you ever fed a duck?:
Yes (see how I'm humoring this survey in spite of these awful questions?)

Do you like staying in Hotels?
If it weren't for the questionable bed-sheets and maid service, they'd be perfectly likable and fun.

How about a blue one?
No, like I always say, "If the hotel is indigo, then onward we go." Um, seriously, though - what?

Do you praise the Lord?:
Not nearly as much as I should. (There's a serious answer for one)

Is there something you should tell someone right now?:
I could fill a book with things I should tell people. It'd be a short book with big letters, but still. A book, nonetheless. (Short answer: Yes.)

Should you be doing something else right now?:

Do you own something with a skull on it?:
No, but I'm reading a book right now with a picture of Santa with tusks on the cover. I'm going to assume that it's nearly equivalent.

What color are your walls?:

What's your favorite word?:
delusional. Not because of the meaning; I just REALLY enjoy stretching out the "lus" syllable. It's a very round, textured sound.

Do you think you're thin?:
Not especially, but like most women I struggle with a healthy body image. I have REALLY sexy ankles though. No joke there.

What is the best color for a sweatshirt?:
Blue. Bad for hotels, optimal for sweatshirts. See? Balance in the universe.

Have you ever gotten your card declined?:
The magnets on my purse once demagnetized my debit card. But that's not the same thing, I suppose, so no.

Is your favorite color yellow?:
It's a fine color, but sadly no.

Would you like to own a barn yard animal?
Only if it had magical powers. Like being able to milk itself. Or flying. I'd take either.

Have you seen Spiderman3?:
Yes. Spidey is definitely the best super-hero ever.

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