24 June 2009

[Imported] When really, I should be packing...

Just so you know, I am still here. My fingers didn't get cut off in some bizarre, tragic blogging accident (which is usually my first guess when some of my favorite bloggers go more than a few days without an update), nor did I have some sudden increase of business in my life that would thus keep me from writing. I just have had a dry spell on this here blog-o-rama, and while I think a lot of people would normally apologize for not lavishing their devout readers in an endless supply of witty entries and crazy stories all week long, I'm refuse to do that because, trust me, not having a single blog entry in the last week has been a lot harder on me than it is you because, oh my gosh, THIS IS MY THERAPY.

Seriously, you know how when crazy people skip their meds for a day and then they decide to go fishing with a slinky, or they start calling everyone they meet Henry Wallace Tumpinkton III, or using coffee filters as yamakas even though they're not actually Jewish and eat ham like it's their job? Those are the kinds of things that happen to me when I stop typing things on here. Now, my blogging dosage is pretty low at two to three entries a week, so it takes a while for me to reach THAT level of crazy - and this entry should stave off my slinky fishing expeditions for at least a few more days - but just yesterday I went to the grocery store, walked out with one of the hand baskets you use when you just need a few items, put it in my car, and was in the process of backing out of my parking spot when my brain finally processed the fact that the green basket sitting in my passenger seat was not supposed to be there. Oh, and I found the remote control in the refrigerator this afternoon (I don't remember putting it there, but I was the only one home and had used it to turn the TV on earlier), and I'm telling you right now that one of these days my brain is just going to leak out of my ears.

Totally random right here, but why doesn't myspace have a dang spell checker? I always end up copying this thing, pasting it into MS Word, and checking it all there. And don't tell me to just type it in Word first - I'll just stick my fingers in my ears and la la la la la la la because logic? Reason? Efficiency? All overrated.

And I'm stubborn like that. Very, very stubborn.

Anyway, it's around 10 pm right now, and I'm getting ready to leave for Chicago in about, ohhhh, 2 hours or so. That's right. I'm starting a 14 hour drive at midnight, even though I've been awake all day, because I'm CRAZY FROM ALL THIS NON-BLOGGING.

No, actually, I'm driving with my mom. She's sleeping right now, and I'll start the trip, loaded on energy drinks, 12 CDs full of Disney background music, and a zest for life (um, maybe just the first two), and then right when I'm the brink of passing out, I'll wake her up, and we'll switch. We're doing it this way because we're going to stop for lunch at my cousin's house in Indiana for a few hours, and then continue on to my aunt's house in Chicago (it's actually my dad's sister, making her my mom's EX-sister-in-law, but who doesn't love crazy, broken family dynamics, eh?). It gives us more time this way than if we left in the morning and arrived at midnight, since we'll only be at my aunt Carolyn's for a day. And then it's a whirlwind of staying at two of my mom's sisters houses who are also in the Chicago area, a day trip to Great America at some point, and then a detour stop in Tennessee on the way home to see my (maternal) grand parents and have lunch with my dad (my mom will be opting out of that last one). That's right, six houses in six different cities in three different states (seven, if you count driving through them), and boy, aren't we ambitious?

Wish us luck.

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