24 June 2009

[Imported] This subject title just BLEW YOUR MIND

Spent the day working on a brand new header for my brand new layout, and I must say, the ratio of my sense of accomplishment to the meaningfulness of the project is really, really depressing.

There was a bit more to my previous header, but this one is much more fun and much less violent, and I think most people prefer me to not threaten them with a knee in the balls. The males, anyway.

I will tell you right now that despite how simple the header is, it was indeed an ALL DAY project. I mean, do you have ANY idea how many fonts I have? Close to one thousand (!!!), but they all look so different when bolded AND/OR italicized. And don't even get me started on all-caps vs. no-caps vs. just-the-first-letter-capped-because-that's-how-my-high-school-English-teachers-would-have-wanted-it because ZOH MY GOSH THERE ARE JUST TOO MANY COMBINATIONS.

When I close my eyes tonight, all I'm going to see are the words "San-serif" flashing across the inside of my eyelids, and it's going to be hell.

Oh, one thing - let me know if the header for some reason covers part of the top two tables on my profile. It's been doing that to me lately, but I don't know if it's just my computer/firefox/the fact that life hates me/hallucinations or what, because as soon as I hit refresh once or twice, it moves itself right back up 50 pixels or so where it belongs.

Next topic:

So! This weekend! Fall break! YAY!

Total change of plans. I was thinking of doing the whole Hershey thing as you might have read in the last post, but then I remembered my Six Flags season pass and how I don't plan on having one in future years any time soon (they're not exactly local parks for me). So I figured why not take a trip to Six Flags over Georgia instead, and collect the 4 or so credits that I'm still missing from the park (including Goliath! FTW!) SINCE IT WILL BE FREE?

The next part is where I suck up a lot of really weird and complicated feelings, simply for my weird, obsessive love of theme parks. (I have no man in my life, WILL YOU JUST GIVE ME THIS?)

After my romp in the park at SFoG, I plan on driving to my dad's house in Tennessee. Where I will spend the night. Voluntarily. I will then wake up the next morning and go to Dollywood. With my dad. Voluntarily.

This is some pretty crazy sh!t right here, and it totally deserves the expletive.

Normally, I would avoid spending the night at my dad's at all cost because it's just so dang awkward and depressing (oh, goll, if only you saw where he lives these days); but it's free lodging, and knowing him, he'll offer to pay for my ticket to Dollywood (yes, he's allowed to go, but don't ask me how that works out - not that he'd do anything anyway, because that's not what he did in the first place, and yes, I know a lot of you are TOTALLY LOST right now and have NO idea what I'm talking about, but don't trouble yourself with it, it's not worth trying to figure out), and he'll probably give me a bit of gas money for the return trip home.

I'm poor, and if all that's required of me is to spend a little "quality time" with my dear father in order to get away from school and ride a freaking roller coaster before the season is out, well then, so be it.

Besides, the relationship I have with my dad is probably better (oh, what a relative term it is) at this point in our lives than it was at any other. This has to do with a number of things, but few of the main reasons are 1) I live far, far away from him, 2) he can't exactly come visit me any ol' time he pleases (take a wild shot in the dark as to why), 3) he's got no room left to be a jackass anymore, since he's already living on borrowed forgiveness.

But! I get to ride Goliath! At last! AND Dollywood ranks 4 after Hershey on my favorite parks list (I luuuuuv me some Thunderhead). So what if I'm, like, 90% excited but 10% ugh-my-dad? It could be worse - I could be sitting home on the computer all fall break thinking about the horrors of school, and that is a nightly ritual for me as it is. I NEED A VACATION.

So, if anyone wants to tag along as SFoG on Friday, let me know. Same with Dollywood on Saturday, I guess, but since my dad will be there, it might be best for me to keep that madness to myself.

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