24 June 2009

[Imported] This is what I’m typing on right now

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I got my laptop back in the mail yesterday, and here it is in it's current state of Still Broken. At least it doesn't look any worse than when I sent it off (it took me a while to actually send it to Toshiba, and so there was plenty of time for those original dead pixels to stretch out and make themselves at home along the rest of the cracks). The only thing I see that wasn't there before is the 5 inch crack running right along the right side of the screen, which is only annoying when I'm looking for the scroll bar (read: every four minutes or so, but that's still far less annoying than the other cracks which are annoying every second NOT spent looking for the scroll bar). I decided to not have my screen replaced because 1) I don't have the money 2) I don't have the money and 3) the amount of money it would cost to repair my laptop? Yeah, I don't have it.

Having said that, my mom has a friend in the computer-making industry (or something), who can get me a deal on a brand new laptop for pretty much the same amount of money it would cost me to get this one fixed, so if I'm going to have to spend $400ish dollars no matter what (short of working on a laptop with a river of dead pixels running through it), I might as well hold out a tad bit longer and go for the shiny and new. I like things that are shiny and new.

And, while I'm sure I'm about to totally shoot myself in the foot by saying this, I'd just like everyone to know that I had a dentist appointment today and left with a clean bill of health, teeth-wise (other than I need to floss more, but I think dentists are just in bed with the floss company people, and it's their part of the deal to really push the minty string thing). Could this be a sign that my bad luck has left me?

*knocks on wood*

Let's hope so. I could use some good luck over the next few weeks, or months, or, well, for as long as it'd like to stick around. It is always a welcome guest at my humble abode.

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