24 June 2009

[Imported] Working Girl

It’s official - I’m employed.

I now work part-time at Dick’s Sporting Goods in apparel, and I also am a part-time nanny. That’s right, folks - TWO WHOLE JOBS. Well, if I’m only working part-time at each, I suppose it’s two half jobs, which equal one job. Nevertheless, the fact is that the nanny position isn’t going to be written off by the parents, and I’ll be paid in cash which means NO TAXES. Suck on that, Government.

I’m really quite ambivalent about the Dick’s job, though. I applied at about a dozen different places, and since they were the first ones to call me back, I shrugged my shoulders, tilted my head to one side, and said, "Eh, okay."

And that was my interview.

No kidding, my "interview" was a full hour of the manager talking and walking me around the store. They decided to put me in apparel rather than shoes, though, because I "seem more detail-oriented." I have no idea where they got that from since they didn’t ask me a single question other than, "How do you pronounce your last name?" I suppose that since I say it with an American accent rather than the proper French way, it shows my patriotism, and that right there simply screams honor and responsibility. Much in the same way that that last sentence screams BS.

Anyway, I need the money badly enough to take the job, sucky hours or not, and since places like that have a high turnover rate as it is, I won’t feel too irresponsible for quitting should something better come along later.

As for the "nanny" job (I really use the term "nanny" loosely, and you’ll see why), I’m just going over to someone’s house a couple of days a week for a few hours a day to watch her kids during their nap times while she drives out to her father’s farm to ride horses. It’s really that simple. The kids will probably wake up within the last hour that I’m there, but after working at a daycare and having upwards of 15 kids in my care all at once and by myself, I think I’ll manage two toddlers.

And this may have been really dumb of me, but since I am officially signed on for both jobs (I start one tomorrow and the other Thursday), I sent in a deposit for a Theme Park Review Mini Trip which will cover at least 9 amusement parks in Pennsylvania, New York, and Ontario. There may even be a quick stop at Niagara Falls, especially considering the fact that they’re opening some new attraction on the Canadian side later this spring. I’m quite excited about this trip since last year’s TPR trip fell through, and this one goes into Canada, to which I’ve never been. It’s about time I paid a visit to our northern neighbors. Plus, since this trip is smaller, it’s cheaper and that is ALWAYS A GOOD THING.

The reason it may have been dumb for me to pay the deposit today is that I now only have $50 to my name, and less than a 1/4 tank of gas, which really means that I only have $20, but I still have to buy my work shirt for Dick’s, which really means that I have $8.50. So now I somehow have to make that pocket change last until my first paycheck. Unless I get paid daily for my nanny-ing, which would mean that I’ll have that gas money tomorrow. I can only hope, eh? It’s just that I had to get my deposit in ASAP because the trip only has 50 spots, and as of a week ago, all but TWO were filled. Actually, those two spots could have filled up by now for all I know. I guess I’ll find out soon enough when I get a confirmation from the folks planning the trips.

And speaking of theme parks, here’s my tentative to-do list for this year:

1. King’s Dominion (VA) I’ve got a Disney friend from Maine visiting family in Virginia, and he invited me to meet up with him at the park.

2. Hersheypark and Knoebels (PA) - Hershey is definite because of the Fahrenheit thing. And with Knoebels being so close, I’m hoping to spend a day there as well.

2. Six Flags Great America (IL) - My mom and I are probably going to go to the family reunion in Michigan this year, and while we’re so close, we’ll swing down to my Aunt’s house in Illinois for some extended family bonding. And two hours away from my Aunt is SFGAm, and I can’t drive 15 hours to IL only to be THAT close to an awesome SF park and not go. Ideally, I’d like to talk my family into going up to the Dells in Wisconsin to get to Mt. Olympus, but somehow I just don’t see that happening.

3. Hard Rock Park (SC) - It’s just over three hours away, they’ve got B&M themed to Led Zeppelin and a roller coaster that uses a Ferris Wheel (of sorts) to get the car to the top of the lift hill, and it’s a BRAND NEW PARK. How in the world could I NOT go this year?

4. Busch Gardens Europe (VA) - The park is so close to me, but I still haven’t gotten there to ride Griffin since it opened last year. Must fix that.

5. All the parks on the TRP trip.

See why I need money? TO SPEND IT IN LARGE SUMS, THAT’S WHY.

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