24 June 2009

[Imported] Another list - What I did today

1. Solved a Rubik's Cube, or as I call it: a Rube Cube. Don't be too impressed – I looked up hints to that thing AGES ago and I've been solving it in my sleep ever since.

2. Tuned my toy Zither to play in the key of C. It's supposed to be in G, but the bottom string was so loose that it never had a good sound. It warbled. Then I taught myself to play Silent Night – with the harmony. All of my years of musical training, and I'm tuning a toy instrument. See? That $30,000 debt I have for a wasted education has finally paid off. Just trying to fill the empty staff in the treble clef of my heart.

3. Discovered that my mom's wind chime is totally in the pentatonic scale. I then had a jam session with myself and figured out Variations on a Korean Folk Song (Arirang). And also that song people play on the piano with their fists on all the black keys? That is a pentatonic scale.

4. Saw Enchanted. And loved it. Fell in love with Patrick Dempsey.

5. Felt like I cheated on Alan Rickman.

6. Realized that all fantasy/romantic movies are just a form of self-torture for my heart. Where's my fairytale, huh? Oh, why do I let myself hope?

7. Picked out all the brownie chunks from the ice cream carton in the freezer. Nah, that's not weird, right?

8. Got heartburn.

Now, if that's not productive, I don't know what is. Well, maybe curing cancer or volunteering at an animal shelter. But really, heartburn is just below that.

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