24 June 2009

[Imported] I guess I need to see the movie between now and August

Remember that roller coaster trip that I'm going on in August? The one with Theme Park Review that's going PA, NY, and Canada? You like how I've started my last two blogs with three questions in a row?

Anyway - you know who is ALSO going on that trip?

Diablo Cody.

Like, THE Diablo Cody. As in THE OSCAR WINNER. FOR JUNO.

Not that I've seen the movie or would even know Diablo Cody if I passed her in the street. It's just a really WEIRD way to meet a celebrity.

I'm going to be eating cheese curds, riding coasters, and popping Advil with an OSCAR WINNER.

Man. I thought I knew what random was, until this day...

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