24 June 2009

[Imported] Twenty-two

So. Birthday. I spent it just like I said I would, so there's not all that much to talk about. Laundry, oil change, haircut…this is celebratory stuff right here.
I got my haircut at a place called Great Clips because I had a coupon for $6. No, not $6.00 off, I mean my haircut only cost me FIVE DOLLARS AND NINETY-NINE CENTS. It costs me more money just to drive my car out of the parking lot. Sure, this place doesn't wash my hair (they use a spray bottle to wet it), nor do they style it for me (so? I'll do it when I get home), but I've had my hair cut enough times to know that even though salons can style it so unbelievably perfectly and beautifully that day ("You mean my hair can actually look THAT GOOD!?"), I am never, EVER able to get it that nice on my own, so why spend all that extra money just to torture myself with the potential that my hair has, but I myself am unable to get it to achieve? And sure, maybe with the price being so cheap, maybe I won't be getting the best quality haircut, but you know what? My hair is LONG. What's the worst they could do? Cut it crooked? (They didn't but I'm just saying.) Well, then I'll just have my mom take 30 seconds out of her day to straighten it out. I pull her hair through a cap once a month so she can frost it at home - I'd say it's not too much to ask of her.
Just a quick note, while I was getting my hair cut, two songs from The Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack ("Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard" by Paul Simon and "Ruby Tuesday" by the Rolling Stones) suddenly came on the radio BACK TO BACK. If there's one thing in the world that reminds me of my time at Disney, it's The Royal Tenenbaums, and I totally flashed back to my birthday last year when I was at Busch Gardens with my roommates (who were the ones who got me hooked on TRT in the first place), and the nostalgia was practically LEAKING FROM MY EARS. Then I started thinking about other recent birthdays, and two years ago that day, I was ordering the Dixie-Two Step at Mother Bear's with my friends at IU and having an end-of-semester party, and the year before that I was being kissed at midnight by the son of classical composer David Maslanka and having a married Romanian man tell me of his secret love for me (or something...the details are a little hazy). For the past three years, there was always a part of me that was a bit sad that I couldn't be home for my birthday, but now that I have been, I gotta tell you – WAY. OVER. RATED.
Still, my mom did take me out for dinner later on my birthday, and then during family supper this Sunday is when I'll have some semblance of a party, I think. But since getting my oil changed was my last errand of the day, and the place at which I had it done was right across from the Fresh Market, I decided to treat myself to a little something. It was my birthday, dammit, and I deserved it. I present to you, my birthday "cake:"

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