24 June 2009

[Imported] A smorgasbord of topics to get wheels of my blog turning once again

1. I'm just going to ignore the fact that it's been what? almost three weeks since I last updated this thing.

2. You can read my trip report on Six Flags Great America here.

3. I wanted to carry my (unfolded) laundry, laptop, and cell phone upstairs to my bedroom just now, but I was wearing a skirt so I had no pockets to put my phone in. What a pickle, eh? Know what I did? I wrapped my laptop in my laundry, and I tucked my phone into my bra and successfully met my goal to be as lazy as possible. Efficiency and ingenuity ALL IN ONE GIRL.

Tell me how awesome I am. I dare you.

4. I think I may have sprained or fractured or just somehow screwed up my left wrist. And when I say "somehow," I mean that I may or may not have punched a wall. It may or not be a long story, but I won't risk those 50/50 odds and bore you to death with it.

But yes, my wrist has been hurting on the right side (palm side up) for nearly a week now, but it seems to slowly be getting worse and spreading down and around slightly, which I don't think is how pain is supposed to work (it's supposed to go away after a while last time I checked) unless things are Seriously Wrong. I still have full range of motion with my arm/wrist/fingers, though, but if I move any of those in certain directions, I definitely notice an unpleasantness. And if I squeeze my arm about 3 inches down, there's a slight discomfort there as well. I took some Motrin IB once just to see if it would help (it didn't), but it doesn't hurt so bad to the point of misery. And I would think if it really were a fracture or something, it would be more along the lines of "unbearable" rather than merely "unpleasant" right? I had an itch on my back that was unpleasant once, and you didn't see me running off to the doctor for that now, did you?

Plus, I leave for Pennsylvania in 4 days for my coaster trip, and what if they wouldn't let me on some of the rides because I had a cast on? And if I had a cast, my mom would be having ulcers over the thought of me driving all that way by myself with only one non-gimpy arm. I spent a LOT of money on this trip, and I'm not about to do anything to jeopardize it. I'll just...cradle it for the next few days, wrap a phone book around it or something. Caress it and whisper sweet nothings into its ear.

I mean, really - medical attention for my only possibly broken arm or complete freedom to ride the coasters of my choosing without a cast to prevent me from doing so? The latter, duh. PRIORITIES, PEOPLE.

And when I get home, if it still hurts, I can always blame it on Vekoma. That'll make for a better story.

5. By the way, have you seen the map from the crazy long trip I returned from a week ago today? Probably not, so look at it and maybe you'll see why I'm STILL EXHAUSTED.

6. Speaking of that trip, since I drove from midnight to 6am the first night, I decided to buy an energy drink to keep me awake. I tried one I'd never had before. Sugar-free AMP. You know that smell lurks in most women's bathrooms? Kind of like potpourri covered in sweat, dipped in old mop water, and deep-fried in excrement? Yeah, it tasted like that. But it did the trick. My constant gagging kept me awake.

7. My grandma got me a gift card to Rite-Aid (...???), and since I needed some shampoo and my funds were unlimited up to $25, I decided to try some awesome smelling, fancy, organic shampoo. It was $8 and, again, ORGANIC, so you'd think it'd do wonders for my hair. HELL. NO. It left my hair unbelievably dry (and my hair is normally oily as can possibly be), pathetically limp, and utterly unmanageable, and OH MY GOSH my hair has never been unhealthier after just ONE shampoo.

Moral of the story: Don't be fooled by all the liberal-hippie-natural propaganda. CHEMICALS ARE LOVE.

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