24 June 2009

[Imported] Task One - Accomplished

Yes, I did it.



My closet does not have the most efficient floor space for things like shoes, which is why they're still a bit strewn about, but I did the best I could. Also, no, I did not just take the pile of stuff on the top shelf and place it in a basket on the top shelf. All items in said basket are neatly folded and stacked on top of each other in an orderly fashion. Kind of orderly, anyway.

And for this week's project:

It probably doesn't look that bad, but that's because I couldn't really see what I was taking a picture of, and this is the best shot I got, even though it's about 90% bed, 10% stuff. I mean, no, the area isn't overflowing with crap, but there's enough who-knows-what haphazardly thrown around down there that it really needs to be sorted and straightened out.

I'm also gonna do the area beneath my dresser this week, too.

(Yes, I spilled a cappuccino on one of my old Italian books - oh, the irony - thanks for noticing.)

It looks to be the worse of the two given the much smaller ratio of crap to space. But I'm sure I will hate cleaning both of them equally.

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