24 June 2009

[Imported] Yeah, I guess I’ll just buy my own cake

My birthday is tomorrow, and judging by the fact that only one person in the entire world has asked me what I want to do for it, I'm gonna take a wild shot in the dark and guess that I'm gonna have more of a pity party (and you're all totally invited) than a birthday party, but I haven't really mentioned any birthday wishes either, so maybe I brought it upon myself, so what can I say other than I REALLY LIKE LONG SENTENCES.

Seriously, though, I'm not sure what's going on tomorrow - or more likely, this weekend when people are actually available - but you know what I have on my to-do list? Haircut, oil change, post office, bank, and laundry. I'll be 22 tomorrow, and what better way to celebrate being another year closer to 30 than to act like I'm 30? I also plan on having a mid-life crisis at 25.

I've just always been a bit more advanced than most people.

I gotta tell you though, I have high expectations for this year. Twenty two is my lucky number, and except for that one lottery ticket I bought on my 18th birthday, it hasn't let me down yet (knock on wood, because I'm superstitious like that), and I just hope that it's all gonna start turning around for me soon. These last four years or so have honestly been a little bit of hell for me (which I'm sure is completely unrelated to that lottery ticket, though I do appreciate the coincidence there) due to things that I don't really mention much on here, and I just keep hoping that one day things are going to miraculously STOP SUCKING. At least for a little while? Maybe, God? Please? Here, turn this water to wine for 'Yes' or leave it for 'No.'
Well, You don't have to do it right this second. I'll let You work out your Ineffable Plan first, and You can get back to me.

Okay, okay, okay. I realize that I'm getting a bit oh-woe-is-me again, which I know is probably a common theme here in my blog, and I don't mean to, but did you know I was born on a Wednesday? And Wednesday's child is "full of woe?" SEE, I CAN'T HELP IT. But this writing thing I do here is basically my venting area. Some people count to 10, some people hit pillows, some people join cults, but I just come on here and OVER-REACT IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE WORLD.

But before you all peg me as being emo or depressed or for owning a slew of trench coats, let me convince you otherwise by reminding you of this one little tidbit. For year twenty-two, I AT LEAST HAVE HOPE*. It's like what they say for the Chicago Cubs**. This is my year.

*I mean, the good kind of hope. Not the Barack Obama kind of hope. Ew.

**Hopefully I won't have to wait a century for it to come true, though.

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