24 June 2009

[Imported] Things that were poorly designed - part 2

I hate purse shopping almost as much as I hate shoe shopping, and I know, I know, what kind of girl am I, right? I'm just so picky, and those are really two areas of fashion that I don't have a clue on (except for these shoes, which I know to be awesome, because I just did a Google image search for "awesome shoes" and these popped up). But about a year ago, I HAD to go purse shopping because the purse that I bought from Summer Sands at Downtown Disney had a giant hole in the lining due to really crappy stitching (those Chinese kids just don't sew like they use to, you know?) The funny thing about that purse, though, is that it was actually my sixth one of the same version in about a three month period. See, I bought it when I was actually living in Orlando during my Disney program, and when the first purse's lining frayed on me, I just went back to the store, told the people that I had just bought it the other day (hahaha..."the other day"), and could I possibly exchange it for another pretty please? And when that one frayed a couple of weeks later, I just repeated the cycle.

The obvious flaw in my plan there is that once I came home from Disney, I was not able to do the whole pretend-I'm-just-a-guest-and-not-a-cast-member-with-a-week-old-purse and return the current one. So once the lining developed a giant hole in which all my purse contents disappeared through, I was stuck with a purse with a giant hole in the lining. Crazy how that worked, eh?

So yes, I was forced to go purse shopping. In my frustration of trying to find a purse that was both 1. cheap and 2. not hideous, I constantly had to fight the urge to dive head first into the many panes of glass of the storefront windows at the mall to end my misery (give your brain a minute to absorb and sort through all those prepositions). Anyway, I finally found a purse that was perfect in every way. Right size, right length straps, a built in wallet that was held closed by nifty little magnets, and plenty of room for all my Altoids and tampons. And not only was it marked down from $60.00 to $15.00, it was also GREEN.

I had to have it.

And so I bought it, and all was right in the world until I came across it's flaw about 3 months later. Take a minute to study this photo:

Now, the flaw is not obvious at first, unless you know a thing or two about electronics (hint hint, though, no, my purse is not battery powered).

Still don't know? Look at the position of the magnets. Now look at the position of the cards. Now imagine taking your debit card out of one of those slots, pulling it upward and running it right next to those magnets. Know what happens next? CARD. NO. WORK.

Since I've had this purse, I've demagnetized three cards, the most recent of which happened two days ago, hence the timing of this post. And that's really the only point I was trying to make, that those magnets in my poorly planned purse aren't so nifty after all, and I now have no debit card for the next two weeks (and I don't use checks because, really, that's SO 1990s), so now I'm having a hard time figuring out how to wrap this entry up.

All I can say is that if I ever meet the person who designed my purse, I'm gonna throw him through a pane of glass. Or worse, make him purse shop for me.

P.S. Someone recently pointed out that only Friends could leave me comments on my blogs, and I didn't even realize I had it set that way. I've since changed it, so now EVERYONE is free to say stuff! Yay!

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