24 June 2009

[Imported] Slacker

You want to know something funny? That job at Dick's I had? The one I started a couple of weeks ago? Um, yeah, I never went back. I just haven't said anything on here yet because I could just imagine all the cold, judgmental e-stares I would get for being such a flake. The one day I worked (that's right – ONE DAY), I went in, a girl showed me how to fold a shirt, and that's what I did ALONE FOR MY ENTIRE SHIFT. I was right on the floor, though, so people kept coming up to me asking me where things where, but since I had no idea BECAUSE NO ONE TOLD ME ANYTHING, I just looked at the ceiling, didn't blink, kept folding, and let drool slowly drip out of my mouth. People didn't usually stick around the find the answers after that.

Now, had I not had this other babysitting job, I would have toughed out the mediocre management and poor training at Dick's. I needed the money and the responsibility, after all. But babysitting a few days a week was making me enough poptart money (especially with the pay being literally twice as much as Dick's) to tide me over until something else came along. Do I feel bad for quitting after only a day? Psh, places like that have such a high turnover rate, I probably still set some sort of record for longest held employee. And then I later found out that both a cousin of mine and a cousin-in-law worked there for only one day back in their hourly-wage job days, too.

Screwing Dick's is in my blood.

That's what she said.


But before you all send me oodles of hate-mail for being such a terrible role model and the reason your kids don't hug you anymore, let me say that I've already got another job lined up. The YMCA has hired me on part-time – I start next week – and between that and nanny-ing, I'll have a decent paycheck coming in every week. And despite my cold, stand-offish nature, I'm much better suited to work with kids. Kids, at least, like me.

I've sold almost $200 worth of stuff on craigslist, so that's nice. But I've got a car payment due in the next few days, my gas tank is currently filled more with hope than actual gas, and for some reason my Indiana school loans are kicking in THIS month (I thought I had a 6 month grace period, but IU apparently doesn't play nice and likes to run with scissors).

I also did send in an application to be an egg donor just to see if my DNA is even worth having. I know some people think it's weird that I might one day have a biological kid walking around somewhere who's not legally mine nor birthed by me, but, well, those eggs would otherwise just be going down the toilet. Literally. Why not put them to use and help some desperate couple out? See? I can be nice.

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