24 June 2009

[Imported] A quarter note just fell out of my arse.

As many of you haven't been pointing out, I haven't done one of my normally-scheduled music posts in a while. If you need a reason as to why, let me invite you to read the first half of that first sentence. Yeah, I don't think people really cared all too much. Not that I'm heart-broken about it. Making myself type up a blog about a certain topic on a certain day was eerily similar to giving myself a homework assignment, and as much as I enjoy indulging my self-destructive side, a line has to be drawn somewhere, and even I don't hate myself enough to turn my life into a classroom. That's a level of cruelty that I refuse to reach.

Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating the comparison a bit there, but for me, blogging is hard enough when I actually have something to talk about (rare as that may be), and when I suddenly decided that I was going to force myself to come up with some commentary on a song every week, it was a lot like trying to get myself to poop on demand. Can a person poop when there is no poop to be pooped out? Can you blog when there is nothing blog worthy to say? It's possible, but it's takes a lot of effort, a lot of grunting, and a lot more time than one should ever spend sitting down in one place.

You can't force a blog. You can't force a log.

I do plan on posting a few songs here and there in the future, but who knows when I'll do it. "Musical Mondays?" Psh, more like "Musical whenever the hell I feel like its." Sure, the ring may be lost, but the quality will at least all be there.

Having said that, here's a song for tonight which will serve as a brilliant juxtaposition against the crude nature of this post up to this point.

Ralph Vaughan Williams - Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis

It's nothing short of gorgeous, and slightly haunting, and I first heard it while waiting in the car while my mom ran into Home Depot. Given the length of the song, you'll notice that my mom was in there FOREVER, but I forgave her in the end because I otherwise would have been short-changed this beautiful piece of music.

For those of you who aren't all that big into classical, at least listen to the first 3 minutes. If it doesn't have you by then, it probably never will. And that's fine. I can't help it if YOU HAVE NO SOUL.

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